What we do

We can restore any vehicle to its original condition whether it’s for a collision accident,  rust repair or just restoring the paint by buffing and compound.

We have 2 fully serviced facilities to serve you better.

We can :

-Complete restoration of collision damage on your vehicle

-Removal of dents and rust

-Restore original paint and headlights to a shine that last

-Restore vehicle frame to original specifications after collision on our state of the art frame machine

-Complete or partial car paint to match any color

-Complete temporary rubber coating of your vehicle ( Plasti-dip many colors available )

-We will provide you with a rental car directly at one of our facilities**

-Evaluation for insurance companies will be done directly in our facilities and we will negotiate hard to get everything covered for you every time.

DON’T FORGET!!! we will give you 10% CASH BACK* on labor cost for insurance work done on your car and guarantee the work done on your car for the life of your vehicle.


*Please see Cash Back tab on website.

**If your insurance covers a replacement vehicule during repairs.

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